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Industry partners

what is an industry partner?

Our Industry Partners work with us to ensure our education and training is at the highest industry standard and is tracking current sector needs. 

These partnerships provide information and insight into the direction construction is taking, how we should be training our people and makes our learners more prepared for the sector. 

Our partners also provide resources that allow us to maintain and elevate standards of excellence, whether that is machinery, equipment, support, supplies or expertise. 

From brand new JCBs every 6 months, to cutting edge ground penetration radar equipment and PPE, we have only the best at AccXel because of our industry partners.  

Benefits of being an INDUSTRY PARTNER


As well as changing the industry with us, there are many perks to being an Industry Partner, including:

  • Integration within all our learning programmes from apprenticeships to leadership courses
  • Brand introduction to all AccXel learners
  • Education integration (integrate learning modules on your product/service into our curriculum)
  • Invitation to shape and participate in our future curriculum
  • Access to our Employer Partners
  • Invitation to showcase/launch new products/services, be involved in corporate days, our school engagement programme and our community projects to raise brand awareness
  • Recognition for your contribution to our movement for change and involvement in our annual Constructing Futures Awards.
  • Enhance your CSR activities.

Our Industry Partners

Provide brand new machinery every 6 months for our students to train on including roller, dumper, telehandler & 360 excavator.

Provide support from HQ with marketing, awareness and learner enrichment such as factory visits.

Provide equipment and support for utilities detection and ground penetration radar as well as cutting edge technology with GPS machine control.

Provide AccXel with small equipment, plant and hand tools including mixers, a power float, mini-diggers and confined space kit to name just a few items.

Provide the sustainable and recyclable PPE for our apprentices, and our branded uniform.

Gifted AccXel 10 iPads to teach their construction software solutions to our apprentices and Skill STEP learners. Think Project incorporate their products into all learner stages at AccXel.

Provide all the aggregate we need for teaching purposes including sand & stone.

How to become an industry partner

Do you want to contribute to and be part of excellence in construction education and training for the future?

If you think you can add value, raise industry standards and elevate the learner experience at AccXel through your products or services, please get in touch. 

Please email or call 01594 801009.

Become an INDUSTRY PARTNER today!

Benefits of becoming an industry partner

‘It has been fantastic to see our initial discussions with AccXel grow into this established partnership. We are proud to be involved in such a great initiative to build the next generation of construction industry workers’

-Think Project