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Groundworks & Civil Engineering Apprenticeship

What is a groundworker?

Groundwork is an integral part of any construction project. Ground workers are one of the first tradespeople you would call to start work on a construction site.

Their primary responsibility is to prepare the ground before and throughout a project.

Ground workers have a varied role, but alongside preparing the ground for a project they will also be responsible for:

  • Preparing the sub-surfaces for structural work
  • Installing drainage systems
  • Kerbing, paving, and concreting
  • Carrying out de-vegetation
  • Interpreting design specifications

Groundworks & Civil Engineering course details

Our Groundwork Apprenticeship is a maximum of 18 months.

For the first week of the programme, apprentices will attend AccXel every day, for their induction period.

In this mandatory training week, you will receive health and safety training, introduction to practical work and support prior to starting on site.

Following the first week, apprentices will attend AccXel one day per week for the duration of the course.

Our apprenticeship combines theory and classroom learning alongside practical sessions on our unique mock-live site.

This allows our apprentices to practise their skills in a risk-free environment, prior to implementing them on a live construction site.

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What topics does the apprenticeship cover?

  • Construction of roads and sewers
  • Building housing and commercial foundations
  • Installation of utilities
  • Hard landscaping (e.g., patios)
  • Understanding types of ground and materials
  • Water management
  • Domestic drainage
  • Understanding technical drawings
  • Health and safety
  • Traffic management and banksman duties
  • Operating and working alongside heavy plant / machinery
  • Cable detection & ground penetration radar
  • Confined space awareness